144th birthday of Dyrmit Gulia

Dyrmit Gulia is a great classic of Abkhaz literature, an enlightener, a poet, a prose writer, a historian, an ethnographer, a folklorist and linguist.

The man who laid the foundation for the development of Abkhaz literature still remains modern and profound in meaning. Having created the Abkhaz alphabet, he took it as a basis and gave the world wonderful works, poems and stories. "Under the alien Skies ", "Kamachich", "Three Tales" and many other works revealing the delicate facets of Abkhaz culture, history and traditions.

During his literary career, Dyrmitry Gulia met with A. Tolstoy, A. Fadeev, A. Isaakyan, V. Shishkov, M. Rylsky, M. Bazhan, P. Tychyna, M. Dzhavakhishvili, G. Tabidze, N. Tikhonov, K. Fédine and many others.

Dyrmitry Gulia firmly believed that even a small nation might have a great literature and the fact that the spiritual values ​​created by one or another people determine their place and role in history.

Today, the house-museum of Dyrmit Gulia was crowded again. The gathered guests - representatives of the public, linguists, writers and scholars, those who knew him personally, talked about his work and about modern problems of language and literature.

Vice President of the "International Fund Apsny" Mr. Maxim Gvindzhia, also took part in a memorable event.