4 years activity report was presented!!!

Today, a presentation of the four-year activity of the International Fund Apsny was held in the conference hall of the Atrium Victoria Hotel.

The event was attended by partners of the foundation, as well as representatives of the public. Many partners expressed their gratitude for their cooperation and assistance. All noted the importance of working together to overcome the socio-economic problems faced by our state.

During the four years of the fund’s operation, about 50 million rubles were spent.

In particular,

- In the framework of the “Mother and Child” project, we provided 2,886 children with maternity packages;

- The “Hope” project helped 28 families from various districts of Abkhazia;

- Thanks to the “Kindness” project, 162 schoolchildren from low-income families were provided with clothing and school supplies;

- As part of the “Sport” project, sports equipment was donated to several schools, sports events were held, and the Samurzakan football team received a set of sports uniforms;

- The project “New Technologies”, aimed at the development of new technologies, provided libraries, rehabilitation centers and educational institutions with numerous computer equipment, which in total amounted to 35 computers and 7 printers;

- Within the project “Theater and Children”, more than 500 schoolchildren from different regions of the country were able to attend theater performances and landmarks of the Motherland

- The “Centenarian” project, aimed at supporting older people over 100 years old, brought numerous gifts and greetings to our long-livers;

- The “Health” project is the largest project of our foundation. As part of this project, material assistance is provided to all children's rehabilitation centers in Abkhazia. Thanks to active cooperation with doctors and pediatricians from Russia and Armenia, many children with cerebral palsy were able to receive professional medical care. In particular, leading experts from Armenia come to Abkhazia on an ongoing basis, who conduct a survey of children here in Abkhazia. As a result of this work, 17 children with cerebral palsy underwent complex operations in Armenia and now they have a chance to move independently.

During its four years of activity, the “International Fund Apsny” held eight conferences and round tables on topical issues of international relations, problems of the country's economic development, problems of repatriation, issues of preserving traditions and customs, the role of non-profit organizations in the socio-political life of the country.

In commemoration of memorable dates and anniversaries of prominent historical figures of the country, the “International Foundation Apsny” held meetings, creative evenings, and also provided support to other structures in organizing events. Representatives of the foundation took an active part in cultural and public events of district and republican significance.

On the initiative and with the financial and technical support of the “International Fund Apsny”, the Educational Center "Academy" a non-governmental institution was established, in which six languages ​​are taught: Abkhazian, Russian English, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic, as well as the youngest students have the opportunity to study such a subject as mental arithmetic.

In order to promote their country and establish relations with foreign partners, representatives of the foundation traveled outside the country, including to the Abkhaz diaspora’s countries of residence.

The management of the foundation held meetings with representatives of the diaspora in Munich, Northern Cyprus, Turkey: Istanbul, Ankara, Sakarya, Kayseri, Eskisehir.

Repeatedly organized trips to Russia, Jordan, Armenia, Egypt and Turkey during which meetings were held with representatives of the leadership of these countries, the diaspora, and business representatives.

Over the years we have made new friends and entered into partnership agreements with 19 organizations. Thanks to this cooperation, we were able to do more and help many in need.

Our foundation has released 3 issues of the popular science magazine “Abkhazia - My Motherland” in the original Abkhaz language, which has been translated into Russian, Turkish and English. We have released two promotional and informational videos about Abkhazia, as well as brochures in Russian, Turkish, Arabic and English.

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