"Aguabziara"(Health) - Health Development Project.

12 May to 11 Jun

"Aguabziara"(Health) – The permanent Fund's project aimed at resolving of the issues related to public and children's health. Within the framework of the current project the assistance was rendered to the Republican Rehabilitation Center for children with disabilities. Our Fund provides financial assistance to other charity organizations for medical treatment of children abroad. The purposeful work focused on the study of problems of cerebral palsy in Abkhazia is being conducted. In the future, the International Fund “Apsny" plans to provide support to local medical institutions in the field of development of international contacts and exchange of experience.

Project's statistics

19 . "Aguabziara" (health) project continues in Ochamchira 9 . "International Fund Apsny" rendered assistance to Ochamchira rehabilitation center.
18 . Armenian doctors check Abkhazian children 8 . Medical examination of four children from Abkhazia with cerebral palsy in Armenia.
17 . The "International Fund Apsny" transferred 100 thousand rubbles to the Tkuarchal Rehabilitation Center 7 . The first group of children with cerebral palsy will travel tomorrow to Armenia for medical treatment.
16 . The "International Fund Apsny" transferred 100 000 rubles for the treatment of Yalsa Alhorba 6 . “International Fund Apsny” allocated 100 thousand Rubles for medical treatment of Anela Lakashiya.
15 . Children with cerebral palsy were sent for treatment to Armenia 5 . “International Fund Apsny” presented household appliances and medical supplies to Tkuarchal maternity hospital.
14 . Gal Rehabilitation Center has received financial assistance 4 . Doctors from Armenia conduct appointments for children in Abkhazia.
13 . “Aguabziara” (Health) project continues its work in Ochamchira 3 . Assistance was provided to the Republican rehabilitation center for disabled children.
12 . Doctors from Armenia carry out the reception of sick children 2 . The International Fund "Apsny" transferred 200,000 rubles to the "Ashana" Fund for the treatment of George Torchua.
11 . "International Fund Apsny" rendered assistance to Tkuarchal rehabilitation center 1 . Liana Doguzia with the support of the Fund Apsny will go to Moscow for medical treatment.
10 . "International Fund Apsny" presented a training apparatus- treadmill to Gal Rehabilitation center.