The "Aguamch" project continues its work in Gagra district school (Lidzava village).

Within the framework of «Aguamch" project, the "International Fund Apsny" presented sports equipment for the sum of 70 thousand rubles: table tennis, rackets, volleyballs, basketball, soccer balls, basketball rings, volleyball nets, punching bag, a few gloves sets, dumbbells, jump ropes, etc. to Gagra district high school in Lidzava village.

The Lidzava High School will celebrate its 120th anniversary in two years; this is one of the oldest schools in Abkhazia. 64 student study in this school in all eleven classes and study all subjects. Despite this, the school was on the verge of closing, but teachers and society were able to prevent it. The school building requires major repairs; the school area is large, but not well maintained and, accordingly, is not equipped with a playground.

"Our school has a long history and, therefore, we try to save it. The educational process is in good level, teachers are qualified. The administration of the village supports us, but their help is not enough. We would like to express our gratitude to the Fund in the person of the President of the Fund Sener Gogua for attention to our school, health and education of our children, "- noted the school director Mimosa Enik.

"The project "Aguamch" is aimed at physical, healthy upbringing of the younger generation. It should be laid in early childhood, especially in schools, where children spend most of their time. That’s why schools should be well equipped ... We see conditions of the school and how much effort you need to maintain, so our Аund allocates additional 100 thousand rubles for your school needs "- said the President of " International Fund Apsny " Sener Gogua.

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