“Agurazra” project continues its work in Sukhum.

Once in a month, ten students from vulnerable families living in different Regions of Abkhazia are rendered assistance by the “International Fund Apsny”.

Today ten students from Sukhum were provided support within the framework of “Agurazra” Project.  The staff of the Fund purchased clothes and necessary back-to-school-goods for students. The funds allocated for each is eight thousand Rubles.  The "Agurazra" project is carried out monthly and covers 80 000 Rubles each month, it is aimed at supporting students from various regions of Abkhazia.

Students and teachers expressed their gratitude to the President and staff of the “International Fund Apsny” for their kindness and support.

As it is well known, each family having many children lives in different social conditions. There are families who face with many problems. Considering the situation in these families, the staff of the “International Fund Apsny”, headed by Sener Gogua,  tries to render possible assistance to such families and support children. Let’s join our efforts, unite all together and help children- the future of our country. Abkhazians had always been extremely kind, compassionate, and precious. We don’t have to lose those good qualities and we will be able to overcome any obstacles. 

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