"Agurazra" project keep supporting students

The project "Agurazra", that was launched by the "International Fund Apsny" keep assisting students from  low income families. The "Agurazra" project is ongoing and is being implemented on a monthly basis. The Project is about purchasing school clothes and stationary for students from poor families in Abkhazia.This time, from the list of applications received, ten students from Ochamchira district were selected. 

Today, the children with their parents visited   the office of the "International Fund of Apsny", and then accompanied by the fund's employees went to one of the Suhum's shops where they had the opportunity to purchase everything necessary with the help of store consultants.

The parents gratefully acknowledged the assistance of the foundation, noting the importance of participation and support of organizations in the lives of low-income and large families in such a difficult time.

The project "Agurazra" is permanent and is implemented on a monthly basis.



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