The “Agurazra” project is preparing for new academic year.

The “Agurazra” project is preparing for new academic year. Within the framework of "Agurazra" project, "International Fund Apsny" provided financial support to low-income families to prepare their children - students for the new academic year. 20 students, accompanied by their parents, visited the fund's office today; staff members took them to one of the shops of Sukhum, where the parents were able to buy everything they need for school: clothing and stationery.

"I have 10 children; seven of them go to school. It is so hard to buy clothes, books, notebooks for all of them. Without the fund’s support, our first-grader would not be able to go to school this year, and we don’t have enough funds for all children. Thanks to your help we bought everything necessary for them: clothes, textbooks and notebooks - said the mother of many children from Kindig villagei Zita Tsatsua.

"I am raising three children alone; I am both- mom and dad for them. I would like to express my gratitude to the Fund for help and support, and special thanks to the staff for advice in the store, without their advice I wouldn’t be able to purchase things, "- said Timur Tsvizhba from Drujba village, Gudauta district.

The project "Agurazra" is a permanent fund project; it is implemented on a monthly basis, covering all regions of the republic.

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