The "Apeipsh" project came to Tarba-Pipia family living in Gal district.

Within the framework of "Apeipsh" project "International Fund Apsny" has rendered assistance to the family of  Ketovan Tarba living in Gal. Ketovan lost her husband Tamaz Pipia, a few years ago and raises her three children alone. She doesn’t have permanent work due to illness.

Last year Ketovan Tarbaya, Abkhazian by origin, has reinstated her Abkhaz family name and nationality, and received a passport on the name of Ketovan Tarba, which she showed us with pride. All her children are studying Abkhaz, the eldest son George graduated from high school this year and preparing to enter the Abkhaz State University.

"It was a very important step for me; I would like to restore historical justice. My children are growing up here, studying their native language and I see their future only in Abkhazia. I am so grateful for support of the Fund, your help allows us-citizens of Gal district feel ourselves the full residents of the county ", - said Ketovan Tarba.

Employees of ' International Fund Apsny " brought the Tarba family the washing machine, gas-electric stove, wood-burning stove, water tank, electric kettle, etc.

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