The “Apeipsh” project continues its work in Agudzera village (Gulripsh District).

Gita Smyr raises eight children in Agudzera village, Gulripsh district alone. Her husband Vanchka Zantariya passed away a few years ago. Considering the situation of Gita’s family, the leadership of Gulripsh District provided her with four-room apartment in a new building in Agudzera village in 2013, where she still lives with her children. The oldest daughter is 17 years old, she is graduating school this year, the youngest child is two and others are students.

The large family of Gita Smyr is in extremely difficult financial situation, despite the fact that the district administration and community organizations render her assistance. The main problem of the family at the moment is the lack of bathroom in the apartment, it is not equipped, not connected to communications, and there is no sink or shower. We can say that the situation is disastrous.

Having familiarized with conditions of the family, representatives of the "International Fund for Apsny": Asida Inapshba, Syrma Ashuba and Mejit Gogua brought all needed materials to repair and equip the bathroom: sink, shower tray for a shower, water heater, faucets, taps, drain traps, as well as a washing machine oven and other necessary things.

Gita Smyr thanked the representatives of the Fund for their support to her and other families and wished them success in the implementation of planned projects.

It should be noted that Gita Smyr’s family was part of the Fund’s school project "Agurazra".

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