The “Apeipsh” project continues its work in Bzypta village

The Public Organization International Fund “Apsny” visited Bzypta Village, Gagra Region, where the family with many children lives. The head of the family Dmitry Khetsia brings up 10 children: 5 sons and 5 daughters alone. Recently a great misfortune happened in their family; unfortunately the mother of these 10 children had passed away. Anetta Khamitba was just 45 years old, and she didn’t even have time to get enough with her wonderful children.

Within the framework of «Apeipsh» project, the International Fund “Apsny” rendered assistance to Khetsia family. In advance, the representative of the Fund visited the home, where the family lives and determined the major needs of the family.  These family needed; sofa, armchairs, table, chairs, a wooden stove, which was delivered by representatives of the Fund.

“If families will be enriched with the birth of a child in every region of Abkhazia, I am more than confident that we will build a strong state, which we dream about. We believe in these children. They have to finish the way we had started and be very successful. That’s why today, those who have the opportunity: businessmen or our government have to support large families, this is the contribution to the future of our country. Based on this idea we paid a visit to Gagra Region. I would like to wish these kids to be healthy, and hope that this family will flourish, and the project will be further developed”,-said Soner Gogua.

As it was stressed by the Deputy of Gagra Region Assembly Alla Grigoliya, this family has always been distinguished by their diligence and caring attitude to each other.

“Both, the government and the Region, as much as possible, should try to render the family financial assistance. For Abkhazians the huge family is wealth and a big joy. Thanks to the International Fund “Apsny’ for such support.  I wish them greater opportunities, success in such a noble work as charity’,-said Alla Grigoliya.

“Who knows, if these children will get the timely support, maybe they will have an opportunity to get an education and will take their right place in the government. Let’s think about this and show mercy. This family faces a lot of difficulties, where elder siblings take care of younger ones. ‘,-stressed Slava Sakaniya.

The same day the head of Gagra Region Beslan Bartsits  hosted the head of the International Fund “Apsny” Soner Gogua , the Secretary General of the Fund Inapshba Asida and the representative of the Fund” Apsny” to Gagra Region Slava Sakaniya.

Sener Gogua gave information about the Fund’s activities, presented the current projects and plans for the future. In turn, Beslan Bartsits assured Sener Gogua that he will support all activities of the Fund, held by the Fund.

The perspectives of further cooperation were also discussed at the meeting.

At the end of the meeting the head of the Region received memorable gifts from the Fund.

In respect to the “Mother and Child” Project, we would like to inform you that residents of Gagra can receive a mother bag in Gagra from the representative of the Fund Slava Sakaniya before the child reaches the age of 6 months.

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