The “Apeipsh” project continues its work in Gup Village (Ochamchira Region).

There are so many families with many children in cities and villages of Abkhazia. Thus, seven children are growing in a large Karkhalaa family, which lives in Gup Village, Ochamchira Region. There are five boys and two girls. The head of the family Boha Karkhalaa passed away three years ago. His wife Janna Khadjimba stayed alone with seven children.

Within the framework of "Apeipsh" project, aimed at supporting low-income families with many children, the International Fund “Apsny” headed by Sener Gogua, provided financial assistance to Karkhalaa family. The Secretary-General of the Fund Asida Inapshba, the head of Apsuara Committee Oktay Chkotua, the head of demography and repatriation Committee Syrma Ashuba and the representative of the Fund in Ochamchira Region visited the family and presented them the washing machine, TV, water tank, water pump, electric heater and detergents.

Demyan Gogua told in detail about the work of the Fund and noted that the priority in its work is given to the projects related to the issues of demography and support of large families.

Asida Inapshba noted that a special burden of children parenting and care fall on shoulders of the mother.

"When we see numerous kids running in the Abkhazian yard, it brings a great joy and gives us hope for the future. In difficult times of crisis, families with many children are extremely vulnerable. We seek to ease a bit your hard work, to give you a boost to such an important matter as parenting "- said Asida Inapshba.

"It was a big surprise for us. Of course, we need all your gifts, but the most valuable are all the kind words you said and rendered attention to our family. I hope that our children will be worthy of it "- said the grandfather.

Eight large families were rendered assistance during the work of "Apeipsh" project from October 2015.

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