The “Apeipsh” project continues its work in Kyndyg Village (Ochamchira Region).

Nine children are growing in the family of Aslan Chikhladze and Zita Tsatsua, who lives in the village Kyndyg-four girls and five boys: Christina, Sabina, Victoria, Ruslan, Amina, Arthur, Radik, Igor, Milana. The youngest one is two years old and the eldest daughter is already married. Six children go to school, and two to preschool. Currently, the family is expecting the tenth child; the baby should be born in April.

Within the framework of "Apeipsh" project, aimed at supporting low-income families with many children, the International Fund “Apsny» headed by Sener Gogua, provided financial assistance to Chikhladze family. The Secretary-General of the Fund Asida Inapshba, the head of Apsuara Committee Oktay Chkotua and the head of demography and repatriation Committee Syrma Ashuba visited the large family in Kyndyg with gifts from the Fund. According to the preliminary needs assessments of the abovementioned family, the Fund representatives brought  and presented the family home appliances, necessary for a mother caring for her many children, it is - refrigerator, washing machine, water tank, electric oven, TV and washing-up liquids.

"The greatest wealth in the world - are children. The God doesn’t give such a great blessing to everyone. Yes, in such a hard time it’s not easy to raise children, but one can always find resources for that. Your children will grow up, become useful to society and the country, and will definitely support you. Our Fund tries to support families with many children, and help them as far as possible. And we are pleased to see the way you perceive it. "- said Oktay Chkotua.

"I would like to express my gratitude to the International Fund “Apsny” for their assistance. Today it is really hard to raise children without any additional support, especially for large families. The only bread-winner of the family is a father, who works round the clock, but these earnings are barely enough to live." - said the mother of many children Zita Tsatsua.

The "Apeipsh" project will continue its work in other regions and cities of Abkhazia.

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