The "Apeipsh" project continues its work in Otara village

The project "Apeipsh"  aimed at supporting low-income families with many children continues its job. IThe assistance was provided to a large family of Omar Gindia and Irina Tsvizhba which  eight children: Rada, Ratha, Renat, Ruslana, Rashit, Regina, Rastislav, Raiana. The oldest child is 16 years old and the youngest is two months.

The condition of Gindia family extremely difficult. Due to the fact that they live on the outskirts of the village, and the school is in the center of the village, the children are constantly miss classes as it takes two hours to get to school. Moereover, the situation with water resources is devestating with the nearest source is within a kilometer of their home. The only breadwinner - the head of the family earns by repairing cars. The mother struggles to cope with housework, as she is sick losing her eyesight and needed urgent surgery.

Given the situation of the family foundation staff: Secretary General of the Asida Inapshba and Head of demography and repatriation comittee Sirma Ashuba went to the Gindia family with gifts from the fund: washing machine, TV, cooking hob, oven, electric kettle, iron, cleaning supplies, etc.

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