"Apeipsh" came to Avidzba family from Kulanyrhva village

In the village of Kulanyrhua in Gudauta district there is a home of a young family Avidzba Gudisa and Apshytsba Miranda, who raised five children: three boys and two girls. Due to the proximity to Gudauta town, parents have the opportunity to work in town. Children are still very small (from one to seven years), but the young mum Miranda is helped by her mother - Chukba Zamira, who lives with them and caring for children.

As a part of our project supporting big families, the "International Fund Apsny" assisted young Avidzba family by presenting them washing machine, TV, water pump and others.

As Asida Inapshba the Secretary General of the "International Fund for Apsny" stated, this family was identified through monitoring of large families, which was held by the village representatives with the great support of the head of the village Administration Mr. Rafik Cove. We will continue supporting big families.

"There are many big families in our village, they all need help, since there are not many job places in the village. I am grateful to the Fund for the project "Apeipsh", which provides families with home appliances and other necessary things in every home, which is especially needed in rural areas. I look forward to further cooperation with the "International Fund for Apsny" - said the head of the village administration Mr. Rafik Cove.

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