The Association of Non-Profit Organizations of Abkhazia was created

Yesterday the first working meeting of the before registered "Association of Non-Profit Organizations of Abkhazia" took place. This Association includes 14 non-profit organizations.

By the decision of the General Assembly Mr. Sener Gogua the President of the "International Fund of Apsny" was unanimously elected as Chairman of the Association.

The purpose of the Association is to consolidate and coordinate actions in the field of humanitarian, social and cultural projects aimed at the development of our society, to address the problems of vulnerable layers of population; Protection of rights and interests of organizations - members of the Association; Promoting the development of interaction not only between public organizations, but also with the State structures, which meets the interests of the whole society.

"The association of non-profit organizations will facilitate the implementation of more ambitious projects. The exchange of information and coordination of efforts of these organizations will allow more effective support to the population in many areas of a humanitarian, social, legal and cultural life." – stressed the Chairman of the Association Mr. Sener Gogua.

"The Association of Non-Profit Organizations of Abkhazia" is open to membership.

The founders of the "Association of Non-Profit Organizations of Abkhazia" are the following organizations:

  • NGO "International Fund of Apsny";
  • Movement "Mothers of Abkhazia for Peace and Social Justice";
  • CCF "Ashana";
  • "Center for Humanitarian Programs"
  • Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Abkhazia
  • Foundation "Children's Fund of Abkhazia"
  • Association of Independent Artists of Abkhazia "Apsny-Art"
  • "Sukhum Youth House"
  • NGO "Business Women of Abkhazia"
  • "Association of Parents of Disabled Children"
  • The Abkhazian Public Foundation for Development
  • CF "Ambassadors of Good Will of Abkhazia"
  • Association "Inva-Assistance"
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