Children from Bzypta Village attended a performance in the Abkhaz State Drama Theatre

"International Fund Apsny" gave the opportunity to children from low-income and large Abkhazian families from Bzypta, Gagra Region to watch Huta Jopua and Semen Hvatlandziya performance "The man who drove the king mad" in the Abkhaz State Drama Theatre named after Samson Chanba.

The first time the abovementioned performance was staged in 1946. The producer of the present performance is Madina Argun. The performance appeared with a new spirit, changes have been made, and the actors made it vivid and memorable by their gift.

"I want to thank the International Fund “Apsny”, the Fund President Soner Gogua and all employees of the Fund, who organized holiday for our children; it is a significant event, which inspires love to culture. I hope that such events will be held in the future too"- said the representative of the Fund in Gagra Region Sakaniya Slava.

Children were accompanied by parents and vice-chairman of the village Bzypta Alla Grigolia.

"For Some children it was the first experience visiting the theatre. This was a good opportunity for them to learn something new and it became a wonderful event for them. Possibly, one out of 40 children having attended the performance might become a great actor in the future "- said Alla Grigolia.

Children enjoyed the performance and each of them got their own understanding of the play. They also enjoyed the performance of actors. A short tour along the sights of Sukhum was arranged for children in the evening.

International Fund “Apsny" will organize such events every month for children from various regions.

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