Educational centre «Academia» held the second annual certificate cerimony

It is a well known practice in foreign countries that it has long been a rule and a necessity to receive official confirmation of the level of knowledge of a foreign language. Moreover, such a certificate is not issued automatically after the completion of one or another level, but as a result of passing complex exams testing every aspect of language proficiency (listening, grammar, speaking, writing).

This approach is used in educational centre "Academia", where teachers are the holders of international certificates of Cambridge and Oxford universities (Great Britain), and some of them also have a master's degree from Greenwich University (Great Britain).

In addition to the issuance of certificates the winner of the "Academia" contest is announced each year at the ceremony. The prize for the winner is a two-week educational trip to London . This year Alina Gubaz became the winner.

A remarkable fact is that the teachers are Abkhazians, young and ambitious individuals who introduce valuable experience in the education system that they have obtained abroad.

The director of the "Academy" is Irina Chkadua who is the holder of the Cambridge University certificate, assembled a team of competent teachers. With the financial support of the International Fund Apsny led by Senener Gogua  "Academia" was created with the goal of introducing cutting-edge ideas and tools for teaching foreign languages.

The following languages ​​are taught in the "Academia": Abkhaz, English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, as well as preparation for the IELTS, SAT, TOEFL examinations, thanks to which our compatriots can enter foreign educational institutions.

The format of teaching in "Academia"  is interactive. The latest technologies and approaches to language learning are used and a wide variety of technical equipment is used (from computers to interactive whiteboards).

The "Academia" accepts students from 5 years for English learning and from 10 years to other languages.