The ensemble "Abaza" at the international children's festival in Turkey

State Folk Dance Ensemble “Abaza” took part at the international festival "International Children's Day" in the Turkish city of Kojaeli with the support of the "International Fund Apsny".
The trip of the children’s ensemble “Abaza” became possible thanks to the support of the President of the “International Fund Apsny” Mr. Soner Gogua as well as representatives of the Abkhazian Diaspora in Turkey Mr. Ruhi Tsushba and Hasan Kardia.
Yesterday, on the April 22nd Abkhazian children, with their National flag took part in the official march through the city of Kojaeli together with the representatives of many other countries. After the march they presented gifts to the Mayor of the city and the head of the region’s administration.
The founder of the Children's Day in Turkey is the first President of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

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