On the eve of Victory Day, the project "Apeipsh" arrived to Dranda village and the family of veteran Yuri Vouba

Yuri Vouba from Dranda is veteran of the Patriotic War of Abkhazia 1992-93, awarded with the medal "For Courage" and is the head of a large family. Yuri Vouba and his wife Oksana Tsvizhba raise four children: the elder is in the 9th grade, the youngest is three years old.

On the eve of the Victory Day, within the framework of its project to support large families "Apeunsh", the "International Fund of Apsny" helped veteran’s Vouba family. Representatives of the fuondation Asida Inapshba and Syrma Ashuba brought the necessary household appliances to the family: gas stove, TV, iron stove, mower, kettle, mixer, etc.

The project "Apeips" continues.

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