Today, the State Investment Agency and the “International Found Apsny” signed an Agreement on Cooperation in the following areas: trade and economic, scientific and technical, humanitarian activities, as well as attracting investments to Abkhazia and advancing the investment activities abroad.
There also will be exchange of information on joint projects and programs (conferences, forums, trips abroad, meetings, exhibitions, round tables, etc.).

Today, President of The "International Fund of Apsny" Sener Gogua and Director of the Institute of Humanitarian Studies at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Abkhazia named after D. Gulia, Arda Ashuba, signed the Agreement on mutual cooperation. The Agreement stands for: development of cooperation in the fields of: information exchange, science and joint projects in the field of culture.

Today, on the August 25th, The Hero City Tkuarchal celebrates its anniversary. These festive events were visited by Maxim Gvindzhia, Vice President of the “International Fund of Apsny”.
Our foundation has always supported Tkaurcal. Thus, our help was rendered to: Tkuarchal Technical college, kindergartens, City administration, maternity hospital, and many poor families from Tkuarchal became our beneficiaries as well.
On the City Day, the "International Fund of Apsny" presented computer equipment to the Administration of Tkuarchal as a gift.

It is a hectic time for the preparation of school-age children for the new school year, especially for families with many children, where three or more kids are going to school; it is also a financially difficult period.
For low-income families, by the beginning of the academic year, the "International Fund of Apsny" carried out the project "Agurazra", in accordance with which it provided financial support to the parents of schoolchildren by purchasing clothes and stationery.

An Assembly of the representatives of public organizations of the Republic of Abkhazia was held in the conference hall of the Atrium-Victoria Hotel today. The purpose of this event is the aspiration of non-governmental organizations to consolidate their actions in the field of humanitarian, social and cultural projects aimed at development of our society and addressing the problems of vulnarable layers of population.

According to the program of the visit by Armenian doctors the children in Ochamchira Tquarchal and Gal were medically checked at the Rehabilitation Center of Ochamchira. The examination was carried out by an orthopedist, neurologist and pediatrician, accompanied by a representative of the fund, Julia Gumba.

For one day doctors from Armenia managed to conduct a medical examination of more than 30 children with different ailments. Parents of children who have been diagnosed with pathology, made appointments and were given recommendations for treatment.

By the invitation of the "International Fund Apsny" the pediatrics expersts from Armenia visited Abkhazia. It is a third visit of the doctors from Armenia in frames of the Fund's project named "Aguabziara" (Health). In the first two days of theirs stay in Abkhazia, on August 14 and 15 in Sukhumi City Polyclinic, the doctors will receive children, mostly diagnosed with cerebral palsy, then on August 16 in the Ochamchira Rehabilitation Center for those children living in Ochamchira, Tkuarchal and Gal districts.

The "International Fund Apsny" together with the "Association of boarding houses of the resort Pitsunda" organized an excursion to Pitsunda for children with disabilities.Children from  Rehabilitation centers of Sukhum, Ochamchira, Tkuarchal and Gal accompanied by parents and staff of the Rehabilitation centers. This is the second trip for children with disabilities organized by the "International Fund  Apsny".

Today, the head of the "International Fund  Apsny" Sener Gogua with Asida Inapshba and Sirma Ashuba arrived in the village Atar of Ochamchira district to the family of Amiran Kvitsiniya. The Kvitsiniya family suffered a misfortune at the beginning of the current year. Due to the short circuit in the wiring the house completely burned. As a result  four children, their father, mother and grandmother were left without a roof. At the moment, a large family lives in a non-residential house temporarily provided by a relative.

We are all shocked by what happened in Gudauta district. Explosion in a warehouse with ammunition of the Ministry of Defense.Two Russian tourists were killed by this explosion and more than 50 people were injured.

The "International Fund  Apsny" expresses condolences to the families of the victims and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured.

At the invitation of the "International Fund Apsny" our country was visited by the representatives of the Public organization "Kuban" NGO  and the satellite TV and radio company "NART-TV" from Jordan.The delegation included: the head of the non-governmental organization "Kuban" NGO Basel Hajtas, the director of the TV and radio company "NART-TV" Said Bazoka, the head of Public relations in "Kuban" NGO Dana Bydzh and the head of the financial department in "Kuban" NGO Mustafa Naguja.Members of the delegation were also interested in issues of economy, tourism, culture and education.

The visit of the delegation from Jordan the representing  of the public organization "Kuban" and the TV channel "Nart-TV" in Abkhazia. The delegation came with theinvitation of the "International Fund Apsny".

 The delegation came with the invitation of the "International Fund Apsny". 

Today the office of the "International Fund Apsny" was visited for the second time by a young family  Guniya for the "Mother and Child" project. Rustam Guniya who is the father of the family came a year ago and received from us a gift set for his first-born. He promised to come again. The promise was fulfilled and today a small Amelie Gunia received her gift set.

The "International Fund Apsny" congratulates the family of Guniya and wishes happiness, love and prosperity to them!

By the invitation of the "International Fund Apsny" 

At the invitation of the "International Fund Apsny" the Republic of Abkhazia was visited by  Feigen Ashkharua and Yasemin Otyrba our compatriots from Turkey who are also specialists in the field of education . Figen Ashkharua is the manager of the language school in the city of Adapazar and Yasemin Otrba is a doctor of pedagogical sciences at the Istanbul State University.

The “International Fund Apsny” congratulates you with the Day of the National Flag of the Republic of Abkhazia. The National symbols are the mean of pride for every citizen. The adoption of the state emblem and the flag became one of the most important steps in the course of the national liberation movement of Abkhaz people. The Chairman of the Supreme Council, the First President of Abkhazia Vladislav Ardzinba, gave extreme importance to the adoption of the national symbols.

A delegation from Abkhazia visited the Caucasus Cultural Center in Ankara where it met with the Circassian Diaspora. The participants were acquainted with the activities of the Foundation  as well as with the work of the committees. Participants of the delegation brought with them printed materials about the fund: magazines, brochures, disks, which were handed over to the center.

During the meeting the issues of cultural interaction, development and strengthening of ties between the Circassian Diaspora and Abkhazia were also discussed.

Today, a delegation from Abkhazia was received in the Parliament of the Republic of Turkey where a meeting with the deputy Engin Taskuach was held. He welcomed the Abkhazian delegation and noted  his love for Abkhazia which is his historical homeland. He also expresed the hope that recognition of Abkhazia by the world community will take its further development.

In the Abkhazian cultural center in Ankara a delegation from Abkhazia met with our compatriots. The event was opened by the head of the center Mehmet Ali Dohumaa. In his speech, he acquainted guests with the activities of the center and shared plans for the future.

The head of the delegation Sener Gogua  told compatriots about the aims of their visit to Turkey and answered the numerous questions related  for the development of ties between compatriots abroad with the historical homeland.

At the invitation of the Administration of the Gal district the representatives of the "International Fund Apsny" took part in the celebration the 85th anniversary of the city of Gal. The representatives of our foundation participated in event were Vice-President Maxim Gvindzhia and Roman Kapba. They have presented an office equipment as a gift as well as read a congratulation letter from  Senegor Gogua  who noted the special comfort of the city and the hospitality of its inhabitants and wished for peace and prosperity.

Today, the "International Fund Apsny" presented kindergartens "Adzykh" in Ochamchira with a split-system system.

The staff of the "International Fund Apsny" was asked by employees and parents of the kids with a request to support  the premises of three groups of this kindergarten.

The meeting was opened by our compatriot Aadem Mahariya. He noted the importance of the arrival of the delegation from Abkhazia and thanked the fund for its activities in this direction and the organization of such an event. Sener Gogua in his speech familiarized the audience with the activity of the "International Fund Apsny" and  shared information about the sources of financing of the fundation. Soner Gogua expressed his hope that in the development of the fund's activities he counts on the support of our compatriots.

Today, at 10 o'clock in the morning, the delegation of the "International Fund Apsny" visited the our Foundation office in Istanbul. The representative of the "International Fund  Apsny" in Turkey Chingiz Ashuba conducted a tour in the building iand showed his work.

"Our main goal is to work towards expanding our cultural ties,"  said Chingiz Ashuba.

Today, the delegation from Abkhazia flew from Sochi to Istanbul. The trip was initiated and organized by the "International Fund  Apsny". The delegation included Apolon Shinkuba, Guram Amkuab, Nugzar Logua, Arda Ashuba, Oktay Chkotua and Syrma Ashuba. The delegation is headed by the head of the fundation Sener Gogua.