On April 12, 2019, a conference “Abkhazia in the context of Russian-Turkish relations” was held in Sukhum, in which experts from Abkhazia of Russia and Turkey took part. In particular, Professor Mustafa Aydin, who is the President of the Council on Foreign Relations of Turkey and the former Rector of the Kadir Has University in Istanbul;

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April 12, 2019 at 11:00 in the conference hall of the Atrium Victoria Hotel the second International Conference “Abkhazia in the context of Russian-Turkish relations” will be held.

The conference will be attended by representatives of the public and academic circles of Abkhazia. Among the participants are experts from Turkey and Russia. In particular:

Today, representatives of the working group on the problem of cerebral palsy, consisting of the directors of all children's rehabilitation centers of Abkhazia, the “International Fund Apsny”, the Cultural and Charitable Foundation “Ashana”, the International Organization “World Vision”, the Association “Inva Assistance” and the “Association of Parents of Disabled Children” visited the Gudauta children's rehabilitation center "Asarkyal".

15-16 of March there was an attempt of liberation of the capital of the Republic of Abkhazia Sukhum on Gumista front from Georgian invaders. The Armed forces of Abkhazia crossed the Gumista Lake and occupied the strategic positions on the outskirts of Sukhum.

However, the attack failed and was unsuccessful. The war veterans remember this attack as a turning point in the war, which will remain forever in our memory as “March attack”. During the failed attempt of liberation of capital of our homeland 222 soldiers of the Abkhaz Army were killed, 23 were missing.

Today, the regular meeting of the working group on the problem of the diagnosis of cerebral palsy was held in the office of the “International Fund Apsny”. All rehabilitation centers of Abkhazia took part in the meeting.

The issues of training for rehabilitation centers of Abkhazia were discussed, in particular specialists in the field of orthopedics, who, having gained international experience, could return to work in Abkhazia.

Support of the Republican Children's Hospital will be one of the priorities.

Dear  Abkhazian women. You educate the defenders of our country. A woman stands at the root of life. May this spring day,  blossom love and goodness in your hearts. May all your good hopes and dreams be fulfilled. Congratulations on this wonderful holiday.

Today, a presentation of the four-year activity of the International Fund Apsny was held in the conference hall of the Atrium Victoria Hotel.

The event was attended by partners of the foundation, as well as representatives of the public. Many partners expressed their gratitude for their cooperation and assistance. All noted the importance of working together to overcome the socio-economic problems faced by our state.

During the four years of the fund’s operation, about 50 million rubles were spent.

In particular,

On February 12, 2015, we created our Public Organization to help those in need and try to solve at least some of the problems that our society faces.

A lot has been done in four years. Assisted hundreds in need. About three thousand newborns of Abkhazia received gifts from us in the framework of the project “Mother and Child”.

17 children with cerebral palsy were operated on in the leading clinics of Armenia. About ten round tables and international forums on social and economic issues and the development of international contacts were held.

The application for assistance in purchasing 18 heaters for classes was received by the "International Fund Apsny" from the Administration of Guada village. Today, the heaters were purchased and given to the school representatives by the members of the Foundation.The school has 40 students. The head of the administration of the village Ashuba Tsiala stated:"thanks to the assistance provided, children will be able to continue the school year in warm classrooms."


The "International Fund Apsny" is happy to congratulate you with the coming 2019. Let this year bring unity success and prosperity to our country and people. Let the understanding to reign. Let the passed year take away all contradictions and conflict, and the New Year would bring much of love kindness and peace. Happy New Year!! Chaanbziala

Today, in the office of the "Association Inva-Assistance" the wheelchairs were presented to disabled people.

This assistance was made possible by the joint efforts of the “International Fund Apsny”, “Inva-Assistance Association” and, most importantly, the donation of a resident of the Republic of Abkhazia, a Swiss citizen, Manfred Petritsch, who moved permanently to Abkhazia and remains indifferent to those in need. Manfred Petrich also repeatedly assisted the school in Eschera village, artists and others.

Today, the “International Fund Apsny”, together with the Republican Rehabilitation Center and the House of Moscow, organized a New Year performance for children with disabilities.

Theatrical performance amused little guests. More than two hundred children who visited the Christmas tree, received gifts from Santa.

We organize this event as part of our permanent project “Health”, as well as in our support of the Republican Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities.

On the eve of the New Year, the “International Fund Apsny” presented New Year's gifts to all children's rehabilitation centers in Abkhazia.

“We carry such actions every year and the children are always glad to see our presents,” said Soner Gogua.

These gifts will be distributed by rehabilitation centers to their wards. On December 27, the “International Foundation Apsny” organizes a New Year tree event in conjunction with the Republican Children's Rehabilitation Center.

On this day, 26 years ago, December 14 1992, Georgian troops treacherously shot down a civilian Mi-8 helicopter, which was saving people from blockade Tkuarchal. There were 85 people, including 38 children on board. All of them died…

This delinquency still didn’t receive an adequate assessment of the international community. We mourn and remember the names of those who remained forever in this day - December 14, 1992.

The “International Fund Apsny” together with our partner, Rostov company “Biofarma” from Rostov city provided assistance to: Gudauta, Sukhum, Ochamchira, Tkuarchal and Gal rehabilitation centers.

This assistance was provided in accordance with the applications received by the “International Foundation Apsny” from rehabilitation centers.

Air conditioners, massage tables, medical equipment, as well as equipment for teaching children with disabilities to work independently, various household appliances, office equipment and simulators, all costing around one million rubles.

Today, a meeting was held between the representatives of the “International Fund Apsny”, headed by President of the Foundation Mr. Soner Gogua, with the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Abkhazia Mr. Vladimirov Nekrasov. From the "International Fund Apsny" Maxim Gvindzhia and Ashida Inapshba also took part in the meeting.

During the meeting, Mr. Soner Gogua acquainted Mr. Vladimir Nekrasov with the activities of the foundation, and also shared ideas about possible joint Abkhaz-Russian projects.

Today, our partner, the Foundation for Social and Cultural Initiatives of the Republic of Abkhazia, took part in the project of our Foundation “Mother and a Child”, under which we distribute gifts to newborn children of Abkhazia.

The gifts were presented to young families with under 6 months babies in the office of the Foundation for Social and Cultural Initiatives of the Republic of Abkhazia, in Pitsunda.

Thanks to the joint work with our partners, this project will continue to work in the Gagra region on a permanent basis.

Within the framework of our project “Health”, “International Fund Apsny” and ICF “Ashana” invited the leading orthopedist of Armenia to Abkhazia, who performed three complex operations for children diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

The “International Fund Apsny” congratulates all employees of the cultural and charitable foundation “Ashana” on its seven-year anniversary.

Over the years you have done a tremendous work and were able to give hope to those who have already despaired. Thanks to you, many children of Abkhazia have found a chance for a new future.

We highly appreciate this work and moreover, we are glad of our partnership, which has already brought a lot of benefits.

The President of the “International Fund Apsny” took part in the Russian-Turkish Business Forum held in Moscow on November 12th.

The forum, which marks the beginning of a new era of Russian-Turkish business relations, has become a landmark event in the business life not only Russia, but also in Turkey. More than 80 Turkish companies represented such areas as: automotive, shipbuilding, construction, industry, infrastructure, textiles, agriculture;

30 representatives of Turkish big business;

Within the framework of the “Aguabziara” (Health) project, the “International Foundation Apsny”, together with the Fund “Ashana”, arranged the visit of a leading children's orthopedist from Yerevan. The first examination of patients took place today in Gudauta, in the Center for Social Adaptation and Rehabilitation "Asarkial". By priority, the children with cerebral palsy were examined. Those patients who, with the support of the “International Fund Apsny” and the Fund “Ashana”, underwent operations in Armenia came to the reception, and doctor was pleased with the results.

Dear Abkhaz State TV  employees!

40 years ago, in 1978 the voice of Abkhaz people was finally heard. Our people could hear the Abkhaz language on Abkhaz  TV. Throughout time, developing their creativity, TV employees are giving us news and interesting programs.

We would like to congratulate those who contributed to the creation of Abkhaz National TV and all the Abkhaz State Television and Radio Broadcasting staff and wish them success, good luck, and nothing but good news.

Sincerely yours,

President of the "International Fund Apsny"

Sоner Gogua

Today, the regular meeting of the “Association of Non-Profit Organizations of Abkhazia” was held at the office of the “International Fund Apsny”.

The issues of improving the work of the association were discussed, in particular, the establishment of more effective interaction to solve many problems faced by public organizations of Abkhazia. These problems can be both minor and republican wide in nature.

Today, a meeting of the working group on the problem of the diagnosis of cerebral palsy was held at the office of the “International Fund Apsny”. The meeting was attended by all rehabilitation centers of Abkhazia.

In particular, issues of assistance to rehabilitation centers were discussed, as well as the creation of a more effective base to assist children with cerebral palsy.


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