Today the meeting was held between the Public Charitable Organization "Kiaraz" and “International Fund Apsny”.

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"International Fund Apsny" continues its project "Aguamch" in Gal secondary school №1.

The capital of the Russian Federation- Moscow hosts representatives of the Abkhaz Diaspora living in Turkey these days:  Parliament deputy of Turki

Within the framework of "Apeipsh" project "International Fund Apsny" has rendered assistance to the family of  Ketovan Tarba living in Gal.

Today the "International Fund Apsny" office was attended by representatives of the Abkhaz diaspora living in Jordan- father and son Shamil and Hash

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At the request of the Republican public veterans organization of Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia in 1992-1993 "ARUAA», «International Fund

Today, our Fund was visited by Inal Hatkh, chairman of the Jordan "International Academy of Circassian Culture." The meeting was also attended by I

Today, our Fund was visited by Inal Hatkh, chairman of the Jordan "International Academy of Circassian Culture." The meeting was also attended by I

​In order to improve relations with the Diaspora, living in England, "International Fund Apsny" appointed Yeshim Atryshba to the position of the re

President of the "International Fund Apsny" Sener Gogua held a meeting with the director of the Tkuarchal kindergarten Elvira Tsvinariya.

The project of “International fund Apsny” - “Apeipsh” continues its work in Dranda village, Gulripsh district.

From 7th to 12th of October, delegation from Abkhazia paid a visit to Armenia. President of the "International Fund Apsny" Mr.

The meeting between the public organization "Amra 2014", which is engaged in projects for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis, as well as

The well-known American and Russian mixed martial arts fighter Jeffrey Monson visited the office of the Fund before the match.

Today, representatives of the public organization "International Fund Apsny" visited Gudauta district within the framework of the Fund’s project "A

On the Victory Day, finding time in a busy schedule of the program of celebrations, the office of the "International Fund Apsny" was visited by our

Today the leadership of the "International Fund Apsny" in the person of the President of the Fund Sener Gogua and Vice President of the Fund Maxim

The "Apeipsh" project continues its work and this time visited Adleiba family in Chlou village.

The 3rd International Exhibition EXPO Oasis Industry was held in Wujiaqu, Republic of China from 21 to 24 September 2016.

Today, the "International Fund Apsny" donated office equipment for computer room in Merkula secondary school №2 named after A.Jonua.

Bebiya Tina Kachovna lives in the mountainous village Khuap of Gudauta district. Tina Kachovna was born in 1905, she is 111 years old.

The project "Akurantsyra" (Centenarian), is aimed at supporting the long-livers. In this project, we are helping people over a hundred years.

10 Jun to 16 Nov

Within the framework of "Agurazra" project, "International Fund Apsny" provides financial support to ten students from vulnerable families living i

A new project has been launched in the educational center "Academy" with the support of “International Fund Apsny": free Abkhaz language courses.

On September 16, the meeting was held between representatives of "International Fund Apsny» and the head of Sukhum City administration Adgur Kharaz


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