A new social-public magazine “Apsyntila sara stila” (Abkhazia is my motherland) was published on the initiative of public organization the Internat

Today the International Fund “Apsny" has implemented "Agurazra" project for students from low-income families from Ochamchira District villages.

The large family of Revaz Sharambaya and Esiko Khashig, living in Sukhum, are bringing up 9 children, all of them are girls: Veronica, Christina, M

Why do we need statehood? We need it in order to preserve the independence of our country, our nation, culture and language.

"International Fund Apsny" gave the opportunity to children from low-income and large Abkhazian families from Bzypta, Gagra Region to watch Huta Jo

I would like to express my opinion as a lawmaker - at different times, we were passing different laws.

Indeed, throughout its history, our people have repeatedly demonstrated their greatness, and the proof for that are our: statehood, freedom and rec

Embedded thumbnail for Video from the round table: “Modern times-Traditions and customs” broadcasted on the Abkhaz State TV channel on the 6th of April at 21:45

The round table covering the topic: “Modern times-Traditions and customs” will be on the air on the Abkhaz State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Channel tonight at 09:45 pm.

On the initiative of the International Fund “Apsny”, within the framework of “Ani amaaliki” (Mother and Child) project about 500 families where the

Nine children are growing in the family of Aslan Chikhladze and Zita Tsatsua, who lives in the village Kyndyg-four girls and five boys: Christina,

The International Fund “Apsny” has held the round table covering the topic: “Traditions and customs in contemporaneity”

International Fund “Apsny” continues its project “Agurazra”, aimed at supporting students from low-income families.

“This is a small contribution to development of educational institutions of Abkhazia, especially when it comes to Regional Libraries”, said the Vic

The State Repatriation Committee was founded 23 years ago.

Today, the outstanding Abkhaz state, political and public figure Konstantin K. Ozgan has passed away.

There are hundreds of children with cerebral palsy in the Republic. The International Fund “Apsny” tries to support them as much as possible.

Today, the meeting was held between the head of Tquarchal Region and representative of the International Fund “Apsny” at the Tquarchal Administrati

The regular meeting of the working group on cerebral palsy issues was held under the auspices of the International Fund “Apsny”.

An outstanding Abkhaz writer, a hero of the quill was honored at the office of the public organization the International Fund “Apsny” on the occasi

The company "Beta-Medical"- one of the sponsors of the public organization International Fund “Apsny" provided humanitarian aid to the Republican r

The Abkhaz State University held a party of humor and parody.

During his visit to the Turkish Republic, the President of International Fund “Apsny" Sener Gogua met with representatives of the Abkhaz Diaspora.

The fifth annual report meeting of the Cultural and Charitable Fund "Auchan" was held today in the conference hall of the hotel "Atrium Victoria"

The Project of the International Fund “Apsny" "Mother and Child", aimed at supporting young mothers on baby care have embraced the whole country.


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