Medical examination of four children from Abkhazia with cerebral palsy in Armenia.

Today, the delegation of "International Fund Apsny", consisting of the President of the Fund Sener Gogua, Secretary General of the Fund Asida Inaps

Sukhum, 28 July, 2016 - Abkhaz Working Conference "Abkhazia - the Step Forward" – is a circular meetings with key government officials, business le

"International Fund Apsny" and Cultural Charitable Fund "Ashana" are sending the first group of children with cerebral palsy (Astamur Zantariya 8 y

"International Fund Apsny" always stands for peaceful and civilized resolution of conflicts and internal disputes.

Abkhazia mourns for victims of Nice attacks.

Today ten students from Gudauta district were provided support within the framework of “Agurazra” project.  The staff of the “International Fund Ap

Today, the “International Fund Apsny” presented computer equipment to Sukhum Rehabilitation center for children with disabilities.

"International Fund Apsny" continues its work in Baslakhu village, Ochamchira district.

Sukhum - is the East, West, South and North. Sukhum is life. It is a vivid, tireless, always friendly and cheerful city.

The Chairman of Abkhaz cultural centers Federation in Turkey Ahmet Hapat has arrived to Abkhazia.

"International Fund Apsny" continues the "Apeipsh" project in Duripsh village, Gudauta district.

The sixth International Festival “Sunny Circle” was held in Gudauta, Abkhazia with the participation of Russian Circus Academy.

Abkhazians say "Those who have no senior elders – have no God" and they wish longevity in Abkhazian language, that is why the "International Fund o

The round table dedicated to life and work of the well-known Abkhaz scientist, poet, public figure and holder of the first degree order "Akhdz-Apsh

Leadership and staff of public organization “International Fund Apsny” express their deep condolence to all relatives and friends on the occasion o

The public organization “International Fund Apsny” has transferred 100 thousand Rubles to the account of the charitable organization “Ashana” for m

Today, The Chairman of Abkhaz cultural centers Federation in Turkey Ahmet Hapat visited the office of "International Fund Apsny".

Embedded thumbnail for “International Fund Apsny” presented household appliances and medical supplies to Tkuarchal maternity hospital.

Tkuarchal District Hospital was opened in 1953. Maternity unit, which employs 20 people of qualified medical staff, works to present day.

 “International Fund Apsny” organized a trip for Gal students and members of choreographic ensemble “Ingur”.

Once in a month, ten students from vulnerable families living in different Regions of Abkhazia are rendered assistance by the “International Fund A

Embedded thumbnail for "Revival of the names" project – learning the fate of 8,000 missing compatriots.

The presentation of the project «Revival of the names " dedicated to residents of Abkhazia, missing during the Second World War in Nazi camps was h

The reading and exhibition of Abkhaz artist Nugzar Logua “Atskhi amshi” (Day and Night) was held in the National Library named a

On the initiative of the "International Fund Apsny" within the framework of "Health" project, with the participation of doctors - pediatricians fro


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