The "International Fund Apsny" is 5 years now!!!

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Today the reporting conference of our foundation took place. The gathered guests were presented with a report on activities over the past 5 years. Among the guests of the event were our regular partners - all the rehabilitation centers of the republic, representatives of the Ashana and Kiaraz foundations, the sponsors of the International Apsny Fund - Abkhazmorprom and Impro companies, our partners, the Biofarma company from Rostov city, and representatives of the public and political organizations, the diplomatic corps, the media, as well as all who are close to our ideas and goals.

As a result of our activities, assistance was provided to 5,492 in need and 94 organizations. Within the framework of the Aguabziara project, 20 children were operated and treated, 600 children were examined and consulted. The Atheatri Ahuchkei project (Theater and Children) covered 540 students. Our Adyrra Chyts project, in the framework of which we are developing new technologies and computer literacy, we have helped 14 organizations. 9 schools received sports equipment and inventory, 182 students received clothes for the school and stationery. 246 people improved their living conditions and received all the necessary household appliances. Our largest project, Ani Amaalyki (Mother and Child), covered 3,670 newborns who received as a gift packages with everything necessary for caring for the baby in the first 6 months of life.

As part of the event, a short film about the “International Fund Apsny” was shown. There were many kind words and a friendly atmosphere was the leitmotif of the whole event.

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