"The International Fund Apsny" in the boarding school in Ochamchyra

Today, Asid Inapshba, Secretary General of the "International Fund for Apsny", visited the Ochamchira Boarding School to learn with the specifics of the work of such educational institutions. During a conversation with the director of the school Mrs. Lora Mikaa she fund about the activities of the boarding school, shared the problems and difficulties that arise in the process of work. The fund's representatives were interested in those activities of the school where the fund could provide any support, as well as discussed a cultural project, which the "International Fund Apsny" is ready to implement in the near future for this school.

Within the framework of the visit to the boarding school a large collection of video discs of classics of Soviet cinema, modern Russian cinema, products of the world cinema industry, as well as DVD players were presented.

"The boarding schools have their specifics, the peculiarity of which is that after the lessons children do not go home, but are located around the clock in this institution, respectively, the question of organizing leisure activities for schoolchildren in such institutions, in our opinion, is relevant," said Asida Inapshba.