International Fund “Apsny” visited the Jal village with “Apeish” project.

Beslan Gabelia and Svetlana Gablaya family from Jal village, Ochamchira region, raises seven children. One can only be glad the way this family raise their children in the spirit of Apsuara, teach them to honor traditions, customs and respect elders. Children think much of each other and get along with each other; elders help their parents to raise younger children and in household tasks.

Within the framework of "Apeipsh" project, aimed at supporting low-income families with many children, the International Fund “Apsny" visited Gabelia family with some presents. Fund Employees brought the necessary home appliances and household equipment: refrigerator, TV, water heater, electric oven, electric heater, household chemicals, detergents and cosmetics.

"I remember the way our compatriot from Turkey Jamal Chkonia was saying, that if an Abkhazian person, who lives in Australia hurts his leg, we have to feel his pain here in Abkhazia. This was our main purpose, when we were creating this Fund. We- Abkhazians should help and support each other. In this case we will have prospects and future of our country. We should unite with each other and solve all the problems together. Everything what the Fund is doing is not just for advertising itself. We are setting an example to others; we want to wake our society up. In this holy thing, like raising up children, we are obliged to support each other, it brings hope and joy to younger generation and ensure our future "- said the head of Apsuara Committee Oktay Chkotua.

The older son of Gabelia family is a student of the Abkhaz State University. Four children are studying in Ochamchira boarding school, another two children are studying in Tkvarchal high school, as in Jal village there is no school. All children study well, play sports, and even have some achievements. The family accepted the attention paid by the Fund with a great pleasure.

«It’s not easy to bring up children in the village, especially in such a distant village as ours. On behalf of our children and all the family I would like to thank the head of the International Fund “Apsny" Sener Gogua and his staff for their assistance. I wish the Fund to have more resources. We are trying our best to provide children with everything they need. The father of the family, a war veteran, is not healthy, but works as much as he can to support all of us "- said the mother of seven children Svetlana Gablia.

In fact, this big and friendly Abkhaz family live decently but with a great dignity, overcoming difficulties. We were not able to solve all problems, for example, there is no water (the only source is spring in five hundred meters from the house), and the problems with the road, but we have started to work and hope others will follow this example.

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