International Fund Apsny was visited by the Russian and Turkish mass media intellectuals

Today "International Fund for Apsny" office was visited by the Russian and Turkish scientists in the field of journalism. They came to  Abkhazia on the fund invitation to participate in a roundtable discussion on the topic of  "Media between tradition and innovation: the modern society and ethnic culture". The roundtable was organized within the framework of the 85th anniversary of the Abkhazian State University and was sponsored by  "Apsny International Fund".

At the beginning of the meeting the President of the Foundation Sener Gogua familiarized the guests with the activities of the Foundation, its goals and objectives.

"In our work we pay great attention to education and to projects aimed at the development of science and culture. Without this, the state will not be able to grow and move forward. We are interested in deep investigation of the historical experience of our people, our traditions, to understand the meaning Apsuara "- said Sener Gogua.

The expansion of cultural cooperation between Abkhazia, Russia and Turkey was discussed at the meeting. One of many directions of the "International Fund for Apsny" is  to develop programs that aim to positioning  Abkhazia as a "bridge" between Russia and Turkey. According Sener Gogua it will help creating a favorable political environment for our countries and rapprochement of our peoples.

Guests from Russia and Turkey expressed their appreciation of the projects that "International Fund Apsny" creates and expressed hope for further cooperation.

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