Meeting children after their treatment in Armenia.

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you of wonderful news! Amir Dzhagaev and Amina Bigvava, sent to Armenia for the next course of treatment of cerebral palsy, returned home, and returned with very good results.
Representatives of the "International Fund Apsny, Maxim Gvindzhiya and Sabina Butba visited the family of Amina Bigvava. After a long treatment, Amina is firmly on her feet, and walking has become much more confident than before. At this stage of the operation, conducted by one of the best specialists of Armenia, is over, the girl is now facing an equally difficult period of rehabilitation, which Amina's parents plan to take in the Sukhum’s rehabilitation center for children with disabilities.
For our little friend, Amir Jagayev, we are also immensely pleased. As Amir's mother Ilona said in a telephone call: "This is not the first operation that Amir is being conducted in Yerevan and positive dynamics is obvious!"
We would like to remind you that the project for the treatment of children diagnosed with cerebral palsy has already been conducted for 3 years by the "International Fund Apsny" in conjunction with the Cultural-Charitable Foundation "Ashana". Thanks to everyone who was involved in such a good cause.

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