Meeting of the working group on the problem of cerebral palsy.

Today, a meeting of the working group on the problem of the diagnosis of cerebral palsy was held at the office of the “International Fund Apsny”. The meeting was attended by all rehabilitation centers of Abkhazia.

In particular, issues of assistance to rehabilitation centers were discussed, as well as the creation of a more effective base to assist children with cerebral palsy.

In addition to financial difficulties, many centers are facing a lack of qualified therapists. Often, children diagnosed with cerebral palsy are taken for short-term treatment outside Abkhazia, which entails additional costs.

There is also the problem of accounting for children with disabilities. Many families do not register children with disabilities in rehabilitation centers.

There are problems that can be solved on their own. The “International Fund Apsny” within the framework of its project “Health” will continue to provide assistance to rehabilitation centers in Abkhazia.

Also, projects to create jobs for people with disabilities are very important. It is necessary to increase the number of educational courses on the acquisition of skills in various crafts.

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