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On December 29, the “International Fund Apsny” completed its large-scale New Year campaign organized for children's rehabilitation centers in Abkhazia. The last one we visited was “Asarkial” Center in Gudauta. Representatives of the Fund presented to the kids 60 New Year's gifts. This action was held as part of the New Year charity program organized by the “International Fund Apsny” for children's rehabilitation centers in all cities of Abkhazia.

Today, 70 New Year's gifts were sent to kids on the Christmas tree in the Ochamchyr rehabilitation center for children with disabilities. Also, the “International Fund Apsny” donated 170 sweet New Year's gifts to the schools of the villages of Chlou, Tkhina, Otap, the 1st and 2nd schools of the village of Mokva. In particular, the Mokva 1st school was provided with six heaters and a set of toys for the New Year tree.

Today, in the assembly hall of the House of Moscow a New Year's party was held for the children from the Sukhumi Children's Rehabilitation Center. Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden and the Fairytale Dwarf presented the children with a fascinating program with various contests and funny songs. At the end of the event, New Year's gifts were distributed to all the children. The holiday was organized with the support of the “International Fund Apsny”.

Today, as part of the New Year’s campaign, our foundation visited the Children's Rehabilitation Center and the Center for the Development of Children in Gal. Gifts from the “International Fund Apsny” became a pleasant addition to the holiday, which the children prepared for the guests. The event was also attended by the head and staff of the Administration of Gal.

We are grateful to the leaders of the center Irme Izoria and Maya Kvekveskiri for their dedicated work and wish that 2020 will be successful for the pupils of their centers.

The “International Fund Apsny” began its New Year marathon with a visit to the Children's Development Center in Tkuarchal. A fascinating program was prepared for the children, where they, together with fairy-tale characters, participated in exciting contests, received prizes, recited poems and circled round dances. The children's holiday was a success, it was fun and joyful. And at the end of the event, all the kids of the center received sweet New Year gifts from the foundation.

Today, a meeting of the working group on the problems of the diagnosis of cerebral palsy was held at the office of the “International Fund Apsny”. The meeting was attended by the heads of all rehabilitation centers of Abkhazia, the chief physician of the Republican Children's Hospital Igor Jopua, the director of the Ashana foundation Maktina Jinjolia, and the chief physician of the Republican Maternity Hospital Bella Piliya as well as International NGO «World Vision».

These,days a trauma surgeon from the Republican Children's Hospital, the head of the trauma unit of the Military Hospital Mr. George Morokhia, who had an internship from November 10 to 30, 2019, at the Holy God’s Mother clinic in Yerevan returned to Abkhazia.
This internship was made possible thanks to our foundation, which organized and paid all expenses.
For George himself, the internship was an important event. He assisted in operations, and gained invaluable experience.

During the five days of his stay in Abkhazia, the orthopedic surgeon Mr. Hovsep Danielyan examined 70 children with cerebral palsy and other congenital diseases of the musculoskeletal system. There were many for whom this examination was new, but there were also those to whom Ovsep Avetikovich had previously conducted operations, the positive effect of which is clearly visible.

Once again, at the invitation of the “International Fund Apsny” and the Foundation “Ashana”, an orthopedic surgeon came from Yerevan to Abkhazia. Today, in the Republican Children's Hospital an examination was conducted of children who need surgery. Previously, such operations were carried out directly in Yerevan, but now, thanks to the new equipment that the “International Fund Apsny” acquired together with its partners, “Biofarma” company, children will not have to go to Armenia, the operations will be held at the Republican Children's Hospital, together with our surgeons.

Today, the “International Fund Apsny” visited the Gudauta Children's Rehabilitation Center “Asarkial”. With the financial support of the Foundation, the center was renovated, which will now house an office for classes with the smallest wards of the center.

On behalf of the leadership of the Gudauta Asarkial Children's Rehabilitation Center and the “International Fund Apsny”, we express our gratitude to the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia, Mikhail Sangulia, for their assistance in allocating additional space for the “Asarkial” center.


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