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Today, the "International Fund of Apsny" arranged a trip for students from Gagra districts, the Akuasca and Gup villages of Ochamchira district and repatriates from Syria to watch the play called "Mahajir" based on the  Samson Chanba's writings. The event was orginixed under the framework of the project "Ateatri Ahuchkuei". Students were accompanied by teachers and fund representatives.

Within the framework of the permanent project of “International Fund Apsny”- "Ateatri akhuchkei”, the Fund invited high school students from Tkuarchal and Gudauta, as well as repatriates from Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Batum to the Abkhaz State Drama Theatre. More than hundred students, accompanied by teachers and employees of the Fund were able to see the repertoire performance of the theater "Muhajirs" on the play of Samson Chanba. Theatrical performance "Muhajirs" is devoted to the tragic pages in the history of our nation.

The events dedicated to Memorial Day of exiled Caucasian people were continued at the Abkhaz State Drama Theater named after S.Chanba.  The poem of Rushbey Smyr devoted to exiled people was presented to audience at the Theater. The stage director of “Symra” performance was Madina Argun. Secondary school students and teachers from Tkuarchal and Pitsunda were invited by the “International Fund Apsny” to see the play.


"International Fund Apsny" gave the opportunity to children from low-income and large Abkhazian families from Bzypta, Gagra Region to watch Huta Jopua and Semen Hvatlandziya performance "The man who drove the king mad" in the Abkhaz State Drama Theatre named after Samson Chanba.

The first time the abovementioned performance was staged in 1946. The producer of the present performance is Madina Argun. The performance appeared with a new spirit, changes have been made, and the actors made it vivid and memorable by their gift.

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