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Всего осуществлено 32 проектов

Today, the Educational Center "Academy" summed up the results of the project on free education of the Abkhazian language for all comers. For the last 6 months more than 50 people participated this courses.

The president of the "International Fund of Apsny" Sener Gogua and the head of the Apsuara committee  Oktay Chkotua noted significant progress in the study of the Abkhazian language by the students. Many students who did not speak the language can now speak in Abkhazian.

On  the 100th anniversary of the Abkhazian writer Bagrat Shinkuba the Abkhazian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company together with the "International Fund Apsny" launched the project "The Last of the Departed".  According to the project the  filming of the reading of this novel took place in Abkhazia. Famous actors, writers, statesmen, people of different professions and ages from all regions of Abkhazia take part in the project.

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Today, the "International Fund of Apsny" arranged a trip for students from Gagra districts, the Akuasca and Gup villages of Ochamchira district and repatriates from Syria to watch the play called "Mahajir" based on the  Samson Chanba's writings. The event was orginixed under the framework of the project "Ateatri Ahuchkuei". Students were accompanied by teachers and fund representatives.

At the request of the Abkhaz diaspora living in Adapazari, in coordination with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Abkhazia, "International Fund Apsny " organized a trip for the teacher of Abkhaz language and literature-Aza Shamba to Turkey. Aza Shamba will be teaching our compatriots Abkhaz language from December 2016 to April 2017. All expenses connected with the trip and accommodation of A.Shamba will be covered by the "International Fund Apsny"

 On Saturday, November 19th, children from Sukhum visited the hockey match:  HT Salavat Yulaev vs. HT Sochi. The trip was organized by the “International und Apsny” on the initiative of Enver Lisin, who covered all expenses. Enver Lisin – is the playmaker of Salavat Yulaev Hockey Club and a very good guy. During the match, children were rooting for Enver wholeheartedly.  Every time he appeared children were accompanying him by outcries:  "Lisin Lisin Lisin". The kids were exited with games and the atmosphere in the stadium. After the match, Enver came to children and talked to them.

В рамках Седьмого абхазо-российского делового форума, под эгидой министерства образования и науки Республики Абхазия, в Сухуме прошел Первый абхазский салон образования.

По приглашению министерства образования республики «Международный фонд Апсны» принял участие  выставке, организованной в рамках данного форума, на которой были представлены стенды различных образовательных учреждений и компаний, работающих в сфере развития научных технологий, а также Абхазского государственного университета и высших учебных заведений Волгограда, Нижнего Новгорода, Северного Кавказа.

Within the framework of the permanent project of “International Fund Apsny”- "Ateatri akhuchkei”, the Fund invited high school students from Tkuarchal and Gudauta, as well as repatriates from Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Batum to the Abkhaz State Drama Theatre. More than hundred students, accompanied by teachers and employees of the Fund were able to see the repertoire performance of the theater "Muhajirs" on the play of Samson Chanba. Theatrical performance "Muhajirs" is devoted to the tragic pages in the history of our nation.

Today, the "International Fund Apsny" donated office equipment for computer room in Merkula secondary school №2 named after A.Jonua.

Th head of Merkula village administration Anri Khurkhumal, the Director of Merkula secondary school Raul Kokoskir and representative of Merkula village Givi Khurkhumal paid a visit to the office of "International Fund Apsny".

A new project has been launched in the educational center "Academy" with the support of “International Fund Apsny": free Abkhaz language courses.

"These project will help us to improve the situation with language, spread, preserve and develop it," - said the President of "International Fund Apsny" Sener Gogua.

Courses provoked a great interest among young people and adults. In the future, our Fund is planning to implement a number of other projects to develop Abkhaz language.