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Nine children are growing in the family of Aslan Chikhladze and Zita Tsatsua, who lives in the village Kyndyg-four girls and five boys: Christina, Sabina, Victoria, Ruslan, Amina, Arthur, Radik, Igor, Milana. The youngest one is two years old and the eldest daughter is already married. Six children go to school, and two to preschool. Currently, the family is expecting the tenth child; the baby should be born in April.

There are hundreds of children with cerebral palsy in the Republic. The International Fund “Apsny” tries to support them as much as possible. The working group on the issues connected to cerebral was established on the initiative of the Fund. First of all, to solve this problem it is necessary to involve experts and solve personnel issues – that’s why the special program was prepared.

The regular meeting of the working group on cerebral palsy issues was held under the auspices of the International Fund “Apsny”.

The company "Beta-Medical"- one of the sponsors of the public organization International Fund “Apsny" provided humanitarian aid to the Republican rehabilitation center for children with disabilities,  which is headed by Violetta Gaguliya. 330 orthopedic pillows for disabled children were presented as a gift to the center.

The Project of the International Fund “Apsny" "Mother and Child", aimed at supporting young mothers on baby care have embraced the whole country. Today, the representatives of the Fund “Apsny” visited Gudauta district with gifts for young mothers.

The Public Organization International Fund “Apsny” visited Bzypta Village, Gagra Region, where the family with many children lives. The head of the family Dmitry Khetsia brings up 10 children: 5 sons and 5 daughters alone. Recently a great misfortune happened in their family; unfortunately the mother of these 10 children had passed away. Anetta Khamitba was just 45 years old, and she didn’t even have time to get enough with her wonderful children.

Beslan Gabelia and Svetlana Gablaya family from Jal village, Ochamchira region, raises seven children. One can only be glad the way this family raise their children in the spirit of Apsuara, teach them to honor traditions, customs and respect elders. Children think much of each other and get along with each other; elders help their parents to raise younger children and in household tasks.

The International Fund “Apsny” rendered assistance to Korsantiya family with many children within the framework of the project “Apeipsh”.

The International Fund "Apsny" continues to implement "Apeipsh" project aimed at supporting large Abkhazian families. As part of the project Givi Genaba family from the village Lykhny of Gudauta district received the financial assistance. The Secretary-General of the Fund Asida Inapshba, the head of the Committee of Culture and Education Nugzar Logua distributed on behalf of the Foundation "Apsny" to the Genaba family basic items needed in everyday life: 100 liter water boiler, gas stove, TV, school supplies and other facilities for children..

Embedded thumbnail for The “International Fund Apsny” has launched a new project “Apeipsh”.

Public Organization the “International Fund Apsny”, has launched a new project to support big Abkhazian families.

Dedicated to the 22nd anniversary of the Victory, the “International Fund Apsny” provided assistance to the family of a war veteran, father of six children, John Hiba, living in the village of Baslahu. He was provided with so much needed material assistance necessary in big families like: refrigerator, washing machine, water tank and pump, and household chemicals, and school supplies for children.


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