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Today scientific and research conference "Actual problems of pediatric neurology", dedicated to the problems of cerebral palsy (cerebral spastic infantile paralysis) was held in Sukhum. The conference was organized by cultural and charitable Fund "Ashana" and the International Fund “Apsny" with the support of the Ministries of Health of Abkhazia and Russia.

Bagrat Pkin and his wife, who live in Blabyrkhua Village (Gudauta Region), are raising seven children. The eldest one is 18 years old, the youngest is three…The public organization International Fund “Apsny” renders assistance to the abovementioned large family considering all social difficulties the family experience. The Fund presented the family: refrigerator, TV, wood-burning stove, water tank and other necessary home appliances.

Today the International Fund “Apsny" has implemented "Agurazra" project for students from low-income families from Ochamchira District villages. The students were rendered assistance within the framework of the abovementioned project. The staff of the Fund purchased clothes and necessary back-to-school-goods for students. The funds allocated for each eight thousand Rubles.  "Agurazra" project is carried out monthly and aims at supporting students from various regions of Abkhazia.

The large family of Revaz Sharambaya and Esiko Khashig, living in Sukhum, are bringing up 9 children, all of them are girls: Veronica, Christina, Milana, Lana, Ilona, ​​Gunda, Liliana, Evelina, Daniela. The youngest daughter is 4 years old, and the older one is-22. Six of them are studying in Sukhum secondary school №13, and two are going to enter the university.

The International Fund “Apsny" provides financial assistance to families with many children in the form of necessary household appliances, furniture, clothing, required to every particular family.

On the initiative of the International Fund “Apsny”, within the framework of “Ani amaaliki” (Mother and Child) project about 500 families where the baby was born are presented gifts in 2016. "Ani Amaaliki” project is aimed at supporting young Abkhaz families; in particular, young mothers in child care process.

There are so many families with many children in cities and villages of Abkhazia. Thus, seven children are growing in a large Karkhalaa family, which lives in Gup Village, Ochamchira Region. There are five boys and two girls. The head of the family Boha Karkhalaa passed away three years ago. His wife Janna Khadjimba stayed alone with seven children.

Nine children are growing in the family of Aslan Chikhladze and Zita Tsatsua, who lives in the village Kyndyg-four girls and five boys: Christina, Sabina, Victoria, Ruslan, Amina, Arthur, Radik, Igor, Milana. The youngest one is two years old and the eldest daughter is already married. Six children go to school, and two to preschool. Currently, the family is expecting the tenth child; the baby should be born in April.

There are hundreds of children with cerebral palsy in the Republic. The International Fund “Apsny” tries to support them as much as possible. The working group on the issues connected to cerebral was established on the initiative of the Fund. First of all, to solve this problem it is necessary to involve experts and solve personnel issues – that’s why the special program was prepared.

The regular meeting of the working group on cerebral palsy issues was held under the auspices of the International Fund “Apsny”.

The company "Beta-Medical"- one of the sponsors of the public organization International Fund “Apsny" provided humanitarian aid to the Republican rehabilitation center for children with disabilities,  which is headed by Violetta Gaguliya. 330 orthopedic pillows for disabled children were presented as a gift to the center.


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