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Embedded thumbnail for The “International Fund Apsny” has launched a new project “Apeipsh”.

Public Organization the “International Fund Apsny”, has launched a new project to support big Abkhazian families.

Dedicated to the 22nd anniversary of the Victory, the “International Fund Apsny” provided assistance to the family of a war veteran, father of six children, John Hiba, living in the village of Baslahu. He was provided with so much needed material assistance necessary in big families like: refrigerator, washing machine, water tank and pump, and household chemicals, and school supplies for children.

The “International Fund Apsny” continues the work of the project “Ani amaalyki”, aimed at supporting Abkhazian families, which have kids aged under 6 months. This project lasts for two weeks, and 70 families received our gifts in the office of the Fund since the project has started. We want to underline that no Abkhazian family will stay without gifts, no matter in which district or city they live.

The project “Mother and Child” organized by the public organization “International Fund Apsny”, has started. Abkhazian families, in which they have a newborn baby, started receiving the first gifts from the first two days of its work. The project is for kids aged under 6 months. 


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