The project of Apeipsh of the "International Fund of Apsny" continues

Beslan Malandzia's and Martha Tsvizhba's young family who lives in Sukhum in the "Old Settlement" area. The family has five children, four boys and one girl: David, Damir, Amir, Samir, Samira. David is seven years old. He is in second grade. Samira is the youngest. She is only one year old. The head of the family does not have a permanent job, but he also tries to find any opportunity to work. The family also receives a monthly allowance for children of six thousand rubles, but these money is barely enough for a few days. They live in an apartment building in very bad domestic conditions. Martha  does not even dream of hot water and gas.

The family came to the International Fund Apsny six months ago and in the order of the queue fell under the June project "Apeipsh".In accordance to this project the material support was provided to the family. 

Today the employees of the fundation Asida Inapshba, Sirma Ashuba and Roman Kapba brought to a large family of Malandzia  refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, oven, heater, iron, household chemicals, etc.

It should be noted that the sponsore for the June project Apeipsh was Indian businessman Aravamutang Chakrapani. He donated 50 thousand rubles. 

The project "Аpeipsh" is permanent and will continue next month.

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