The project "Mother and a child" came with gifts to the village of Uarcha

A large family of Temur Shakaya and Svetlana Gabnia resides in the village of Uarcha of the Gulrypsh district. Today is a joyful event in this family, the thirteenth child was born, baby Madlena. Madlena has five brothers and seven sisters: Santa, Samantha, Sabina, Sabrina, Saida, Said, Santana, Alexey, Gudisa, Almas, Amina and Leon.

The “International Fund of Apsny” came to the family of Shakaya in the framework of its project "Ani Amaalyki (Mother and a child)" with gifts. For the little Madlena, they brought clothes, diapers, nipples, bottles, cosmetics, various items for the care of newborns, etc.

"I want to thank the foundation for coming to us to share our joy with us. There are never too much of children, it is not easy, of course. Seven children go to school, there are preschool kids too. Older children help me with housework. It's much easier already" - Svetlana Gabnia, the mother of 13 children, shared with the employee of the fund Sirma Ashuba.

We wish to the wonderful family of Shakaya prosperity and health for each member of this large family. Let the children grow up happy under the peaceful sky of our beautiful Apsny.

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