The regular meeting of the "Association of Non-Profit Organizations of Abkhazia"

Today, the regular meeting of the “Association of Non-Profit Organizations of Abkhazia” was held at the office of the “International Fund Apsny”.

The issues of improving the work of the association were discussed, in particular, the establishment of more effective interaction to solve many problems faced by public organizations of Abkhazia. These problems can be both minor and republican wide in nature.

The role of public organizations in the development of a democratic state that could solve social problems more effectively is the leading one. Many of the problems that we face can not be solved only by government forces. The environmental challenges that shook our country over the past few years, like the invasion of marble bugs, or the death of palm trees due to the weevil beetle, have shown that it is necessary to respond more quickly to the problems of the environmental protection.

In order to strengthen the work of the Association, it was proposed to approve the position of the permanent director of the organization.

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