"Media between tradition and innovation: the modern society and ethnic culture"

On Monday, February the 20th at the Abkhazian State University in cooperation with the "International Fund Apsny" going to hold a roundtable disscusion on the topic of "Media between tradition and innovation: the modern society and ethnic culture", dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the ASU. 

The purpose of the round table is to discuss every day problems related to the  media in the social structure of society, their role in the political, economic, social and cultural problems.

The importance of  topics associated with globalization and the present tendencies in them are the aim of the roundtable. The fatal role  in this discussions belongs to the media. That is why today it is necessary to outline the prospects for media development, and to identify its role and place in society.

The following topics going to be discussed at the round table: Traditional culture as a basis for the development of society in the twenty-first century; Role of mass media in the consolidation of society on the basis of traditional culture; Issues of representation in the culture of the mass media discourse; The role of media in the dissemination of national culture in the diaspora; Media Culture in the context of the Abkhazian traditions.



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