Special project "Agurazra" for the new academic year

It is a hectic time for the preparation of school-age children for the new school year, especially for families with many children, where three or more kids are going to school; it is also a financially difficult period.
For low-income families, by the beginning of the academic year, the "International Fund of Apsny" carried out the project "Agurazra", in accordance with which it provided financial support to the parents of schoolchildren by purchasing clothes and stationery.
At the invitation of the Fund, twenty schoolchildren from big low-income families visited our office with their parents. Our staff congratulated guests with the beginning of the new academic year, acquainted them with our activities and projects. Then children width their parents were taken to one of the stores, where they had the opportunity to choose the necessary clothes, and other school supplies.
"I live in the village of Mokva, I bring up six children. Despite the health problems, I work constantly, but the financially it is very difficult, I earn barely enough for the family. I want to thank the foundation and personally Mr. Sener Gogua for the assistance rendered, in such timely support, "the resident of the Mokva village of Ochamchira region Mr. Badri Ahsalba has said.
The project "Agurazra" will continue its work.

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