The speech of the Vice-Speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia Emma Gamisonia on demography issues.

I would like to express my opinion as a lawmaker - at different times, we were passing different laws. Not so long ago, we passed the Law on demographics, protection and support of maternal health. This issue has raised many discussions in society. There are cases when the law impedes the case, and sometimes, it helps. Even if there are shortcomings, all together we can solve many issues, but they have to be previously explored.  I don’t know any person who is not interested in the issues related to demography. The law stipulates that at birth of the third child in the family, the state provides financial assistance in the amount of 50,000 rubles, but this law has not yet entered into force. Those who have the opportunity to raise many children, they don’t give birth to them. And those who live in villages in adverse social conditions usually have many children. Large families mostly live in villages. Intellectuals should meet more often and discuss these issues. The International Fund “Apsny" works actively in the field of demography and is engaged in social issues.  The role and support from the side of our Disapora is extremely important in solving these issues. People see the work of the Fund. But those who live in villages don’t have access to the printed press. That’s why we need more programs on Abkhaz TV in Abkhaz language. We have to raise variety of topics and distribute them among the population. Deeds, not words.

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