Wheelchairs for veterans of the Patriotic War

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Today, on the eve of the New Year holidays, the gifts were presented to disabled veterans of the Patriotic War of 1992-93 at the Glory Museum named after Vladislav Ardzinba in Sukhum.

"The International Fund of Apsny" together with the Abkhaz-Adyghe diaspora in Turkey purchased eleven electronic wheelchairs, nine of which were transferred to veterans, and two to the Republican Rehabilitation Center for children with disabilities. The contribution of a member of the Board of Foundation Mr. Oktay Chkotua should be especially noted. With his initiative and direct participation the wheelchairs were purchased and delivered from Turkey to Abkhazia.

The event was attended by veterans of the war, the public, the city branch of the "Mothers' Movement", the chairman of the Council of Elders Mr. Apollon Shinkuba, the director of the Museum of Glory Ms. Mzia Bey, the returnees from Turkey and the MEDIA.

All those present at the event celebrated the military merits of our veterans and their invaluable contribution to the formation of our state.

"We should always be grateful to our veterans for courage and heroism. You sacrificed your health for the freedom of our country and people. On the eve of the New Year I want to wish you, first of all, health, fortitude and well-being "- said the President of the" International Fund of Apsny " Mr. Sener Gogua.

Mr. Oktay Chkotua told the meeting participants about how this idea came to him.

"Once, at one of the weddings, he met by chance war veteran Mr. Aslan Tyrkba. After talking to him that day, it made me think about difficult situation of disabled people and difficulties they face every day. Back home, I shared my impressions with other veterans in the networks. The reaction did not wait, our diaspora responded immediately. So it was possible to raise funds for strollers"- Oktay Chkotua shared prehistory of the project.

The heroes of the meeting Mr. Aslan Tyrkba, Mr. Astamur Shoua, Mr. Ashot Atyan, Mr. Khuma Otyrba were very enthusiastic about this event and thanked the organizers for the attention they paid. Other disabled people, absent for health reasons, received their wheelchairs at homes.

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